A quick note to say that although we didn’t receive the grant we applied for, the book will go ahead.

Many thanks to all who made pledges. Your rewards have by now been delivered!

Looking forward to the book coming out (pun?) in mid-2016.


Thanks to everyone whose pledges have helped this campaign reach the target and then some! Every dollar pledged will go toward improving the book publication and tour.

Crowd funding is only a part of the funding this project is relying on (see the break-down of the budget below). I have applied for an Arts Queensland grant (see above update), and will know if it is successful in December. Your pledges will make this publication and tour even more successful in two potential ways:

  • With the grant, your pledges will ensure that we can hit more cities and communities. That’s a very good thing.
  • Without the grant, your pledges will ensure that the book gets published – YAY!


What the Press is Saying:

Buzzfeed: This Woman is Documenting the Lives and Loves of Older Lesbians

Huffington Post: The Lives And Loves Of Older Lesbians Who Grew Up In An Unfortunate Era

Brisbane Times: Queensland lesbians reflect on life under Sir Joh’s ‘authoritarian’ state

ABC Radio Gold CoastHeather Faulkner’s Story: What does it mean to be queer on the GC? (from 1989 – 2015)

The Girl Crowd: Episode 6 Dr Heather Faulkner

Jeanne Magazine: Heather Faulkner est partie à la rencontre de nos aînées du Queensland


North of the Border: Stories from the A Matter of Time Project Crowd Funding on Pozible.com from Heather Faulkner Transmedia on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Carol Lloyd (rock chick) for the use of It’s Only a Matter of Time from Railroad Gin’s 1974 national hit album. Also thanks to Doug Spowart for additional exhibition images.

Here’s our final, amazing tally:

About North of the Border:

The first prototype of the book has been accepted by a major publisher and will be available in mid-2016, but they require some funding in order to produce the book as intended, in colour.

I am fund-raising to contribute to the cost of publishing the book and a promotional speaking tour, introducing the book and talking about the importance of knowing and recording LGBTIQ history.

A quick breakdown of approximate costs:

Publishing costs: $12,000
Speaking, promotion and travel: $4,000
Administration costs: $2,000
Book launches: $2,000
Total estimated costs: $20,000

Funding efforts and commitments include:

Support for the project:

QuAC (Queensland Aids Council)

Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives

Sydney’s Pride History Group


Why do we need North of the Border?

Current Australian LGBTIQ literature and creative works either present a generalized history or are male-centric. Research on more general Queensland lesbian history and experiences is led by only a handful of researchers.

North of the Border is innovative in that it progresses the status of lesbian women until now under-represented in creative works. This is my contribution to redressing the balance and engaging public discussion using documentary storytelling.

Up to 11% of the Australian population identify as LGBTIQ[1]. The population of Queensland is approximately 4.69 million, hence approximately 469,000 Queenslanders identify as LGBTIQ. There is a need for the histories of the LGBTIQ community be more broadly known and acknowledged in order to eradicate potential stigmatization and discrimination from aged care services, residents and clients[2]. “North of the Border,” will enable LGBTIQ community to participate with the remainder of Queensland’s community. The Australian Department of Social Services have put a range of initiatives in place to better meet the aged care needs of LGBTI people[3].

These initiatives recognise that:

  • there have been decades of inequitable treatment for LGBTI people;
  • many LGBTI people have suffered stigma, family rejection and social isolation; and
  • many LGBTI people have had a life experience of fear of rejection and persecution, coupled with the impact of potential or actual discrimination.

North of the Border enhances the Queensland LGBTIQ community’s own knowledge of their history and advocates their belonging in Queensland.

The above crowd-funding effort via Pozible.com is to help cover the expenses of publication, publicity and outreach to rural LGBTIQ Queensland communities. The 2013 A Matter of Time exhibition at the Brisbane Powerhouse was also successfully crowdfunded through Pozible.com and you can view that campaign here: A Matter of Time: A Documentary Exhibition.

It’s been a challenge to put this particular piece together, and I want to extend my gratitude to the eight participants and their partners, past and present, who have allowed me access to their stories and lives. In true transmedia style, I am making each engagement with the project its own entity and its own experience. There’s photography exhibition, a book, and a documentary film is in the preliminary planning stages. Stay tuned!



[1] https://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/ageing-and-aged-care/older-people-their-families-and-carers/people-from-diverse-backgrounds/national-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-and-intersex-lgbti-ageing-and-aged-care-strategy

[2] Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) Healthy Communities Aging Committee

[3] https://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/ageing-and-aged-care/older-people-their-families-and-carers/people-from-diverse-backgrounds/national-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-and-intersex-lgbti-ageing-and-aged-care-strategy


  1. Stephanie Green
    August 26, 2015

    Good luck with this terrific project!

  2. Susan
    August 29, 2015

    Thank you for sharing your work! You bring the lives of extraordinary people forward to be shared and celebrated – our shared experiences as human beings strengthen who we are and who we will become.

  3. iva zimova
    September 4, 2015

    I keep my fingers crossed

  4. Verity
    October 19, 2015

    Beautiful stories and beautifully told, Heather. Looking forward to seeing it x


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