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Crowd-funding milestone reached!

Holy cow! We’ve reached the 30% funding mark for the “North of the Border,” crowd-funding campaign!
I need to say a huge thank-you to Richard Allen Greene, Helen Kassila and Ginger Sedlarova for their generous pledges overnight! Wow!

Pozible tells me I should do something “special,” to mark it.


Here’s a little short from the 1968 movie, “The Killing of Sister George,” directed by Robert Aldrich.

The Gateway Club was a real lesbian club in London’s swinging 60s, only recognisable on the street by its green door. Participant Mel recalls her time in London:

The nightclubs in London in the 60s – well London back then, it was pretty way out. And I really enjoyed it. I knew that there was a gay club called the Gateway but I was never quite game enough to go there. I was pretty shy, and I did notice other gay women. They were obviously gay to me because they looked a little bit androgynous, you know, masculine.

To make a pledge or find out more about the book project, Crowd-funding Page.

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