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“North of the Border” Book on the way

It’s been a very rewarding few weeks. The design for the book, “North of the Border: Stories from the A Matter of Time Project,” has been completed and it will be off to the printer shortly. In the meantime, I received a very exciting e-mail asking me to speak at a major international festival in September… which is when we intend to launch the book!

I am very much indebted to all who have supported this project, from the beautiful eight women and their partners (past and present), to my partner Luisa, to the wonderful friends and (not-so) strangers who supported the crowd funding campaigns for the Brisbane Powerhouse Exhibition in 2013 and for the book. Without you…

Which brings me to a very important point. Without you, without us, what would history be saying about the lives of people who lived and live outside of the norm? I am delighted that LGBTIQ histories are being documented now in more numbers and ways than ever before. In Canada, the classic documentary, “Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives,” has been re-released by the National Film Board of Canada. I remember finding a very old copy of the ’92 classic on VHS in the State Library of Queensland, and watching it in a closed viewing room (because the content was deemed to be too racy to watch it in the open video-viewing area).  This film literally changed my life when it was released in 1992. It gave me the courage to be me. It made me feel like I counted.

Academics Jean Bruce and Gerda Cammaer of Ryerson University have recently published a book about the documentary: “In four chapters, the authors explore Forbidden Love’s place within the archive of Canadian queer history and its complex engagement with the archival process itself, the critical implications of the film’s unique production process, the peculiarities of the documentary and melodramatic forms the film employs, and finally the film’s colourful history of distribution and re-release.” You can read more about this publication here.

Here is the trailer for Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives. The film is now available on DVD, or to download through a variety of online distributors.

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