Brisbane Writers Festival Panel: The Right to Belong - A Matter of Time
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Brisbane Writers Festival Panel: The Right to Belong

Come and join us at the Brisbane Writers Festival for what is sure to be a very passionate and informative panel discussion on The Right to Belong on September 9 at the State Library of Queensland with authors Michael Burge and David Hardy.

Brisbane Writers Festival: The Right to Belong



Michael Burge, Heather Faulkner and David Hardy discuss the disconnection that is created in a time and place where a person’s sexual orientation dictates the rights they have in society. Should it be this hard?

Moderated by Emile McPhee

Please join us if you are in town:
Date: September 9
Time: 5 pm (1 hour)
Place: Auditorium 2, State Library of Queensland (click here for map)
Click here for tickets or copy this URL into a new browser tab:

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