About - A Matter of Time
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About A Matter of Time:

A Matter of Time is a documentary project that crosses the boundaries of time, politics and prejudice to tell the stories of eight Queensland lesbians.


A Matter of Time investigates the experiences of eight lesbians who lived in Queensland during the more socio-politically conservative mid-to-late-twentieth-century and how they interpret that experience to have informed their lives today. Since the end of the Joh Bjelke-Petersen government, conditions for LBGTIQ-identified Queenslanders have improved but remain a tenuous arrangement.


As the struggle for rights continues, it is important to accrue a historical understanding of the experiences of those who found themselves existing outside of the ‘norm.’ Some led double-lives, some hid in remote pockets of far north Queensland, while others lived openly, in spite of implied consequences.

The Book

“North of the Border: Stories from the A Matter of Time Project,” is a book of documentary photography and interview-derived narratives that resulted from the A Matter of Time Project. The book is available now through University of Western Australia Publishing.


The book wouldn’t have been possible without amazing crowd-funding support. I ran a Pozible.com crowd-funding campaign to help cover some publication expenses, publicity and outreach to rural LGBTIQ Queensland communities.

The 2013 exhibition

The exhibition was successfully launched at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane, Australia, March 26-April 28, 2013 with an opening address on April 3. For future exhibition enquiries please contact Heather on the contact form at the bottom of this page.


The Powerhouse exhibition was produced by the Brisbane Powerhouse and Heather Faulkner. The printing and mounting expenses were largely funded by a successful crowd-funding campaign on Pozible.com. The Queensland College of Art’s Liveimage printing service kindly provided printing at cost for this exhibition.

A Matter of Time book